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Build a Box

Build a Box


Perfect for a baby shower, newborn or christening gift, you can now create your own bespoke baby box!


How does it work?

Step 1 Add the baby box to your basket - this is your starter and includes the gift box and a premium milk chocolate bar.


Step 2 Next, choose from the following items on the main baby page and add them to your basket:

• Ralperts

• Scout Pants

• Bib

• Bunny Teething Ring

• Vest

• Wash Mitt

• Headband


You can add whatever combination you fancy! Just don’t forget to tell us the fabrics you’d like and any other info requested.


Step 3 Finally, use the code BABYBOX at checkout. This will deduct 20% from all the items you have added to the gift box (excluding the gift box itself). This code is only valid for build your own Baby Boxes.


If you would like us to send the box directly to the recipient, please just let us know the shipping details in the comments box. We can also add a handwritten gift note on your behalf. No need for that post office trip!